“I was aged 10 when my parents realised that I had a problem with breathing. Despite having consulted a number of reputed doctors, no medications seemed to work on my deteriorating condition. It was during this point that I was asked to start practicing yoga. I had never imagined that I would build my life around yoga and its propagation had it not cured my health. Thanks to regular yoga practice, I am now completely cured of my breathing problems and have not fallen ill since a long time. I have realised that yoga can help shape a person’s life on a higher level, one that cannot be comprehended for those who do not practice. In the last 6 years, I have travelled to 6 different countries and various cities that I cannot keep a count on. Despite my hectic schedule, I have never felt tired. To my own surprise, yoga helped me gain concentration and better levels of understanding and as a result, I was able to score 91% in my 10th grade examinations. Without yoga, I believe it would not have been possible.”


“Yoga is an art form in which the mind, body and soul are all connected and act as one. While people practice yoga for different reasons, the effect it has on everyone’s mind, body and soul is the same. Yoga helps people relax and find inner peace and strength. While yoga does help strengthen the core and help people get fit, the impact it makes on your soul is amazing. When practicing yoga, you really connect with your thoughts and feel at peace with the world and yourself. You will never know how big of an impact yoga can have on you until you really experience it for yourself. The relaxation and calmness you feel after a yoga session is one that can’t be done justice with mere words.”



  • To pursue yoga and naturopathy simultaneously
  • To conduct scientific research on yoga and its improvisation
  • To participate in as many competitions as possible
  • To make and break as many records as possible
  • To promote yoga as a teacher
  • To discover a healthier aspect of life using yoga